Medical Traveler FAQs

If you are looking forward working as a traveler therapist for Nationwide Therapy Group, you can pay attention to the frequently asked questioned mentioned below. If you have any other inquiry, please feel free to fill in the contact us form and we will be happy to get in touch with you.

Becoming a medical traveler:

What are some of the advantages of being a travel therapist?

 Benefits may comprise attractive wages, achievement bonuses, and incentive programs. In addition, new assignments in thrilling locations can help avoid monotony and also augment skills and competencies, making you more profitable.


Am I under any commitment once I send in my submission?

 No. Your application is simply used to make sure that you are eligible for the assignment if and when you decide that you’re ready. Once registering to us, be ready for many adventurous travel assignments for you.


What are the eligibility requirements?

Your license(s) must be up-to-date, active and in good status. Your testimonials must also meet the scientific needs of the exact task, and you must be able to meet the duties in the job description. It is necessary for you to have impressive past references and no criminal background.


What is the length of the contract?

It totally depends on the clients. Normally, the total length is about 13 weeks. But, it can be extended if a therapist likes the work settings and is also a viable option for that specific region.

Pay & Benefits

Do I have a choice in deciding how much will I be paid?

Our payment is highly cost-effective; however pay rates also vary as per the facility. Our staffing members work in close collaboration with you to find you the most positive compensation package for your standard of living.


How am I paid while working?

Therapists are paid by direct deposits. It is the easiest way to receive wages.


How am I paid for referring other therapists to Nationwide Therapy Group?

The therapists are paid after the completion of the thirteen-week assignment with the Cheque.


Do you offer health coverage?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive health insurance plan which includes medical, dental, life, vision, and prescription coverage. We also provide professional liability, general liability and worker’s compensation which are 100% paid by our organization. Our company also offer travel and licensure reimbursements for your round-trip travel. Apart from this, we also pay all your licensure expenses required for your professional on no later than your second paycheck. We also offer Continued Education reimbursements once you are done with your second assignment.


Do you have a 401k retirement plan?

We motivate you to save for your retirement. Our financial advisors are ready to listen any of your retirement needs. Once you complete your second assignment, you are eligible for a 401k retirement plan at NTG. Moreover, by adding to your 401k, you are cutting down your taxable income.


Where do you offer travel assignments?

We have plenty of work assignments in 50 cities of United States of America; we help you in finding the best assignment, where you want it.