Traveling Therapist Opportunities

Some of the advantages which travelling therapists enjoy:

  • Live as a local – When you work as a travel therapist, you are doing more than your visit. You will get the chance to live with community and explore the surroundings and get adjusted to it.

  • Enhance your resume and skills – experience which is gained by travelling and serving the people in diverse settings, not only increases the experience of a professional, but also boosts the confidence. Moreover, it also adds to the resume making it vibrant, flexible and displays your adaptability.

  • Free housing and travel! – This is the best part of working in a different city/state as a travelling therapist doesn’t need to pay for their house rent and travel. Nationwide Therapy Group covers the price of your accommodation and also takes care of your travelling expenses.

What is the Travel Therapist Income potential?

The skills of travelling therapists are always in high demand.  The average pay of the travel therapist is considerably higher than their counterparts. At, NTG we reimburse our travel therapists kindly with outstanding pay and benefits. Apart from the pay, we have an all-inclusive additional benefit and referral program. Including all benefits, as a travel therapist you can earn a good income with NTG. Income of the travel therapists depend largely on their specialty, experience, duration of the assignment, hours per week and also to the company who are placing them.  In case, you prefer to have your own housing, we at Nationwide Group Therapy provide a generous tax-free housing stipend. We are also open to provide to you with housing recommendations for local housing if you are looking forward to this option.