Exhausted With Over Work? Coping Strategies For Nurses

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Nurses are considered the backbone of any healthcare system. They are not there to treat illness, but they educate patients and families and bridge patients and doctors. A load of responsibilities leads to exhaustion. Moreover, usually Registered Nurses have to work away from their homes, which creates loneliness in their personal lives. All these things lead to homesickness and burnout.
3rd November is celebrated as National Stress Awareness Day in the USA to create awareness about workplace stress. According to a survey, nearly 63% of nurses experience workplace stress in their lives, and it is very important to cope with that.

Stress in the life of a nurse has various components, which can be emotional stress, dissatisfaction and depersonalization. It is very important to manage stress very carefully. Here are a few tips which can help nurses to manage weary feelings.

Please pay attention to physical needs: It is very common that, when you are busy, you forget to eat or ignore the need to go to the bathroom. So, pay attention to your physical needs to avoid any illness and stress. Try meditation, breathing exercises and yoga to relax your mind and body. You can do breathing exercises anywhere, and they are very helpful too.

Take short breaks: Sometimes, you have a long to-do list, and there seems no time for a break. But the physical break is very important for a relaxed mind and healthy body. During breaks, hydrate your body, have a snack and try to relax.

Find a distracting activity: with all the work you do, you need to find a healthy activity that helps you to distract from daily work stress. You can spend some time swimming or do hiking. Plan a movie night with friends. Get appropriate sleep if you afford to take a spa treatment and relax.

Refuse additional duties: Every job has some designated set of duties, and nursing is the same. However, sometimes management asks to do some additional jobs, which can cause more stress. So, don’t over-stress yourself with additional responsibilities, rather refuse them politely.

Set a work-life balance: It is very important to balance personal life and professional life. When your shift ends, leave workplace stress in the hospital. Do some fun activities which you enjoy. Spend some time with your family, friends and yourself. You are living away from them call them and keep in touch.

These few tips can help you to avoid stress and exhaustion, which nurses experience in their lives.

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