About us

At Nationwide Therapy Group, we focus on travel assignments, temporary to permanent placements, Per-Diem and Permanent placements.

Your next travel or permanent placement location can be at your hands today, so apply and experience what Nationwide Therapy Group has to offer.

Travel jobs, usually 13 weeks assignments, give you a chance to travel the world, work in facilities and gain experience working with different cultures, environments and get to experience different forms of therapy.

Nationwide Therapy Group is one of the primary national providers of therapy professionals in the United States. We are therapist owned and have thousands of temporary, permanent; travel, contract based assignments as well as allied therapy careers for those who want to enhance their experience not only professionally but, personally as well.  Whether you’re an employer in search of a personnel or a job seeker for the perfect healthcare job, we have the capability to bring you the results you are looking for. We have been able to fill in the gap in patient’s health services due to the shortness of specialists or unplanned leaves. Nationwide Therapy Group has experienced and skilled therapists who have the exact knowledge to work in varied work settings and can mould easily into a new atmosphere and policies.

Leading Provider of Medical Specialists

We take pride in offering best results. Our company is headed towards enhancing the client satisfaction and working towards the progress of successful therapy careers.  We are a company which can help you in finding the right clinical support and a long-term alliance for healthcare professionals who are looking to gain benefits of advanced career prospects all across the country.

The Nationwide Therapy Group Advantage for Healthcare Specialists

We offer unmatched personal attention and provide opportunities to the staff which match their personal and professional goals rightly. Our clear-cut compensation packages, relocation services, placement in top-class medical organizations have enabled us to create a niche in the overall healthcare scenario.  Our organization understands what client and job seekers requirement is and aims to make the experience fruitful and enjoyable at the end.

Here are some of the benefits on why you should choose Nationwide Therapy Group as your trusted allied therapy company.

  • We have some of the best specialists working for us who are dedicated to finding the best assignment for you.

  • As an employee of the Nationwide Therapy Group, you can enjoy great pay and unrivaled benefits as well as unique opportunities we offer.

  • We also offer travel jobs that enable you to witness the beauty of fifty states and also enhance your experience and helps in building an impressive resume.

  • Our therapists are backed by a broader range of skills that can improve the life of the patients.

  • Our salaries are highly competitive.