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  • Immediate placement
  • Weekly direct deposit
  • License renewal reimbursement for active employees
  • Up to $600 CEU reimbursement
  • Health/Dental Insurance
  • 401K contributions (coming soon)
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  • All housing provided will be furnished; only thing needed is your personal belongings.
  • A housing stipend is also available as an option.
  • This means you will be searching for your next place to stay with all the necessary housing expenses covered by the stipend.
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Professional Liability, General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurances

NTG offers Professional Liability Insurance, General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance that are paid 100% by the company, which means you have to pay nothing. We want to be assured that you are safe and secure at every pace of your professional life and enable a safe working atmosphere.

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Hundreds of Assignment Options

From big cities to rural areas, Nationwide Therapy Group offers jobseekers opportunities in all 50 states!                                  Where do you want to go?

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Referral Program

We know that great travelers refer great travelers.  Help us grow our community by referring professionals to join the NTG team!

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Please contact your recruiter for more details.

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