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Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists along with assistants are in huge demands to work at Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, Out-Patient facilities, and Home Health facilities nationwide.

Physical Therapy (PT)

Physical Therapist and assistants plan treatments for clients with physical, mental, or developmental conditions. These treatments focus on remediation of impairments and disabilities and promote mobility and functional ability to increase quality of life. According to the United States Department of Labor, “Physical therapists employment is expected to increase 39 percent by 2020”.

Occupational Therapy (O.T)

Occupational Therapists and Assistants plan treatments that can assist clients with physical, mental, or developmental conditions to learn to compensate or adapt to their environment, modify the task, teach skills for activities of daily living, and educate client/family in order to increase independence with daily living activities and increase quality of life. 

Speech Language Pathologists

After evaluating and/or screening clients that have swallowing, communicating and/or cognitive impairments, SLP then develops treatment plans for such clients with speech disorders, swallowing problems, oral muscle weakness, memory loss, cognitive relearning, and communication disorders.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

CNAs are on the front lines of providing basic care to patients in a variety of health care facilities, with responsibilities ranging from assisting with personal daily needs such as bathing and exercising to monitoring vital signs and dietary restrictions. All job requirements tend to be non-invasive procedures and revolve around daily routines that patients may not be able to complete on their own.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Licensed Practical Nurses administer medicine and injections, and take vital signs. They provide basic medical and nursing care such as checking blood pressure and inserting catheters, ensure the comfort of patients by helping them bathe or dress, discuss health care with patients, and report status of patients to registered nurses and doctors.

Registered Nurse (RN)

Registered Nurses administer medication and treatment to patients, coordinate plans for patient care, perform diagnostic test and analyze results, instruct patients on how to manage illnesses after treatment, and oversee other workers such as LPNs, nursing aides, and home care aides.

Nationwide Therapy Group is a leading provider of travel jobs for PT, PTA, OT, OTA, and SLP needed to “cover caseloads” due to staff vacations, leave of absences, increased admission and other reasons at facilities throughout the United States.

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At Nationwide Therapy Group, we focus on travel assignments, temporary to permanent placements, Per-Diem and Permanent placements.
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Travel jobs, usually 13 weeks assignments, give you a chance to travel the world, work in facilities and gain experience working with different cultures, environments and get to experience different forms of therapy

Top Healthcare Facilities Choose Us

Nationwide Therapy Group Offers physical therapy jobs, speech therapy jobs, occupational therapist jobs. Our services are catered to hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools and veterinary clinics. With the help of our unique and conceptualized therapy recruitment methods, we have been able to acquire one of the most capable therapists from across the fifty states of United States. We make use of most advanced internet methods to recruit the employees for different positions.

Our benefits package is the best part of our organization. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Top pay rates and benefits – Generous compensation and therapist job benefits for physical therapy, occupational therapy, SLP and other allied jobs.
  • 24/7 client service – Access management level staff around the clock
  • Free private furnished housing/stipend
  • Referral bonuses
  • Customized compensation packages – Convert benefits to increased hourly pay
  • Travel reimbursement plan – This means roundtrip travel allowance

With the help of our presence and skilled professionals, we have been able to meet each and every demand in therapy staffing. At our company, we believe that your ideal therapy placement does exist. We believe in crafting a perfect association with our clients and job seekers, which is why we maintain close-knit relations with everyone working for us. Moreover, when we place a medical professional closer to their ideal place, we increase their happiness and make them attain their goals easily.  By getting a therapist job utilizing Nationwide Therapy Group experience, you will be placed at one of the “Best Places to Work”. However, the length of the assignments may vary depending on the requirement at the medical facilities.

Our industry leading services, flexible solutions, and expert talent has enabled us to meet the requisite expectations of aspiring therapists, seasoned professionals and medical facilities who need them.

We are committed to mutual development

The healthcare market has changed notably over the last few years. Nationwide Therapy Group is well aware of the changes and we are very well prepared to meet the upcoming requirements of our clients.  Due to our repute in the market, we are able to offer our clients with suitable nurses and therapists at competitive rates.